Talking Bull About The Bedroom Tax….Err I Mean Spare Room Subsidy

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Thursday’s ‘The Wright Stuff‘ on channel Five featured Class A numpty and former Conservative Party Parliamentary candidate Dr David Bull (see video – for readability best viewed in full screen mode) talking about Wednesday’s Tory created media storm in response to accusations by the UN‘s Special Rapporteur, Raquel Rolnik, that the ‘Bedroom Tax’ may be breaching UK citizens human rights.

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As you will read if you watch the video, each and every accusation against Rolnik that Conservative Party Chairman, Grant Shapps  (and his mouthpiece on The Wright Stuff) makes is simply unfounded nonsense verging on simple schoolyard abuse (“She’s a little mad” crows Dr Bull as he reads through Shapps‘ list of false accusations). It would appear that, for all of Lynton Crosby‘s much trumpeted political PR nous, his two primary strategies for dealing with this ‘crisis’ are as old as the PR game itself.


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Cameron’s a congo bongo if he thinks banning words will help to stop child abuse

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David Cameron’s re-election strategy requires him to keep the Daily Mail editor and, by extension, the majority of the Mail’s engorged readership, acquainted with how he’s just an ordinary bloke who happens to be fighting their corner as PM. He achieves this glamourous feat by feeding the editor selected exclusive interviews, occasional attributed articles and by supporting a few of its ‘core values’ campaigns.

Prostituting themselves for positive exposure is in most politicians’ DNA but is still low rent, especially for a sitting PM and Cameron reached a new nadir today as he confirmed to the world that he’s an utter congo-bongo (defined in the urban dictionary  as a female breast).  His trek to the peak of that ‘challenging’ molehill was contained in his instruction to online media groups (initially via self-declared anti-porn tabloid The Daily Mail) that banning search terms is the “right thing to do” to fight the problem of child…

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Proof Beyond Reason – For Eurosceptics Is There Any Amount of Evidence That Would Be Enough?

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Despite the fact that most of the public were distracted by the “Baby Cambridge” sideshow of the last 72 hours some people were clearly spending their time stewing over the release of the first part of the EU competence review and understandably so. In case you missed it here is what it concluded:

In conclusion, based on the evidence submitted, the current balance of competence between the EU and the UK was considered by stakeholders to be broadly appropriate and that these competences are properly applied but that competence should not be extended further

That is to say on the areas covered so far the internal market, tax and foreign policy the Conservative’s own review says the balance of powers between the UK and the EU are “appropriate”.  I bet Nigel Farage choked on his breakfast pint and fag when he read that on Tuesday morning!

Anyhow, the result of the abovementioned stewing has…

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David Cameron Ignoring Ed Miliband’s Questions At PMQ’s Is An Affront To Parliamentary Democracy

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Image from: Andrew Cooper ‏@AndrewzCooper

(Originally published 8th August 2013 – video has been upgraded)

One of the cornerstones of our parliamentary democracy in the UK is that the Prime Minister is required to be accountable for the decisions of his government.  This accountability is, in part, achieved through the requirement for the PM to attend parliament once a week whilst it is in session and answer questions from MPs.

As we have an adversarial system, the most important and challenging questions are invariably raised by the official opposition and in particular its leader, and this is evidenced by his entitlement to a maximum of six questions (as opposed to the one granted to ordinary MPs).

In recent years, this ‘spectacle’ has become a national  embarrassment.  Thuggish yobs on the back benches make barnyard noises whilst our PM, David Cameron, rarely makes an attempt to answer the Labour leader Ed Miliband‘s questions. For a British PM to fail…

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