Cameron’s a congo bongo if he thinks banning words will help to stop child abuse

I Am Incorrigible

David Cameron’s re-election strategy requires him to keep the Daily Mail editor and, by extension, the majority of the Mail’s engorged readership, acquainted with how he’s just an ordinary bloke who happens to be fighting their corner as PM. He achieves this glamourous feat by feeding the editor selected exclusive interviews, occasional attributed articles and by supporting a few of its ‘core values’ campaigns.

Prostituting themselves for positive exposure is in most politicians’ DNA but is still low rent, especially for a sitting PM and Cameron reached a new nadir today as he confirmed to the world that he’s an utter congo-bongo (defined in the urban dictionary  as a female breast).  His trek to the peak of that ‘challenging’ molehill was contained in his instruction to online media groups (initially via self-declared anti-porn tabloid The Daily Mail) that banning search terms is the “right thing to do” to fight the problem of child…

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