Proof Beyond Reason – For Eurosceptics Is There Any Amount of Evidence That Would Be Enough?

I Am Incorrigible

Despite the fact that most of the public were distracted by the “Baby Cambridge” sideshow of the last 72 hours some people were clearly spending their time stewing over the release of the first part of the EU competence review and understandably so. In case you missed it here is what it concluded:

In conclusion, based on the evidence submitted, the current balance of competence between the EU and the UK was considered by stakeholders to be broadly appropriate and that these competences are properly applied but that competence should not be extended further

That is to say on the areas covered so far the internal market, tax and foreign policy the Conservative’s own review says the balance of powers between the UK and the EU are “appropriate”.  I bet Nigel Farage choked on his breakfast pint and fag when he read that on Tuesday morning!

Anyhow, the result of the abovementioned stewing has…

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