Talking Bull About The Bedroom Tax….Err I Mean Spare Room Subsidy

I Am Incorrigible

Thursday’s ‘The Wright Stuff‘ on channel Five featured Class A numpty and former Conservative Party Parliamentary candidate Dr David Bull (see video – for readability best viewed in full screen mode) talking about Wednesday’s Tory created media storm in response to accusations by the UN‘s Special Rapporteur, Raquel Rolnik, that the ‘Bedroom Tax’ may be breaching UK citizens human rights.

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Video © Channel 5 / Viacom / BBC

As you will read if you watch the video, each and every accusation against Rolnik that Conservative Party Chairman, Grant Shapps  (and his mouthpiece on The Wright Stuff) makes is simply unfounded nonsense verging on simple schoolyard abuse (“She’s a little mad” crows Dr Bull as he reads through Shapps‘ list of false accusations). It would appear that, for all of Lynton Crosby‘s much trumpeted political PR nous, his two primary strategies for dealing with this ‘crisis’ are as old as the PR game itself.


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